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    CloudFlare query

    I'm using cloudflare on my yetishare script. When i login with users login information I get other users data sometimes. I think there big sessions issue for yetishare!
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    Payza Auto Upgrade Issue

    Payza auto upgrade doesn't working for me. Is there a solution to fix this issue? I'm getting following log: 2016-07-04 19:57:51 - Received called back on IPN: Array ( [token] => +xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+xxxxxxxx+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxx+xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx== ) 2016-07-04 19:57:51 - Failed...
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    Two Factor Authentication

    Two Factor Authentication option to users. If the user enabled 2FA under account settings the user should authentication every login into the site. With SMS passcode, Call passcode and Google Authenticator.
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    Template engine

    I recommend to use php template engine for Yetishare. Like as Smarty ( and Twig ( It can be good for custom template creationg and for code system. Frankly, i like currently coding but it's to much complex with php codes in html.
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    Better error url

    Error pages can be used for bad aim. Example:
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    Don't block option for abuse files.

    Please add don't block file option to abuse file removing progress as normal file remove.
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    Cusstomizable URL's

    If we can able to change url stuffs it will help us personalize the site. Example: to or to or to etc.
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    Archive Manager Plugin

    Can you please add to change or remove password archive? When user's download archive file with remote url they should download archive to change or remove password. Or they exrat archive for change password and again creation archive it's use cpu+ram for nothing. thanks,
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    Mix plan for Rewards plugin

    Please add Mix plan for Rewards plugin.
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    Please add support for moderators creation per section. DMCA moderator: abele to control "Abuse Reports" Server moderator: abele to control "File Servers & Server Tools" Rewards moderator: abele to control "Rewards plugin" Vouchers moderator: abele to control "Vouchers plugin" Users moderator...
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    Custom Account Packages Support

    Please add support Custom Account Packages for file leech, ftp plugin and other section. I want to enable file leech, ftp upload for custom account package but it's not appear from settings.
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    Support Plugin

    Ticketing: users can submit tickets from the front-end, and agents can help them from the back-end. E-mail notifications: relevant people are notified of certain actions by e-mail. File attachments: you control when files can be uploaded, how many files, and how large they are Support...
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    Advices for v4.2 performance improvements.

    Hi, If you want performance improvements for v4.2 please first add option for rewards plugin. Like as users can be enable rewards for their accounts under accounts settings. Otherwise it's only flexes the database. I'll add other advices under this topic..
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    Reseller Plugin

    Reseller plugin like
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    Email activation

    I enabled password in signup page. But now the system need send activation mail to user for to verify email. Otherwise we cant know it correct mail.
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    Support plugin

    Support page for clients like as
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    Ysmods says closed their site/service. But Simon F, (ysmods) was joined to mfscripts: I had taken a lot of paid add-ons from What happens now? Nice way to fraud! ;)
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    PaySafeCard, G2aPay, PaymentWall & Micropayment don't accept filehost anymore!

    Please remove this payment gateways, they don't accept filehost anymore!
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    Mods for other sections

    Currently mods can only manage files. Can it be done for other sections like manage users, servers etc.
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    User Acounts

    Can you add traffic/bandwidth feature for users accounts like other file host?