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  1. Netnaija

    Selling My Custom Theme Yetishare v5

    Check your Telegram and let chat
  2. Netnaija


    Let me have your contact for better communication
  3. Netnaija


    Add Notification Or Text Alert when users click on Download button This will help users avoid clicking twice and page having to reload again here is an Example below:
  4. Netnaija

    X-Accel-Redirect For Nginx

    It happened on my new server It has happened before on one of my server and it was fixed by @adam without upgrading server and it was faster
  5. Netnaija

    X-Accel-Redirect For Nginx

    Upgrading server won’t help Statics that is been processed on php It a waste of money
  6. Netnaija

    Best hosting and server setup

    Message me, i will like to hire you
  7. Netnaija

    Download take a long time to start

    Can your team help me with my Nginx setup
  8. Netnaija

    X-Accel-Redirect For Nginx

    I will like to hire someone who can put me through Nginx X-Accel-Redirect setup One of my server is having difficulty with downloads and It running very slow i have tried fixing for 48 hour without any luck and I have contacted @adam and @admin without any Help
  9. Netnaija

    File Error

    recreate the site again and reconnect the fs1 server without the existing files?
  10. Netnaija

    File Error

    How can i add the fs1 existing server to the new main (local) server?
  11. Netnaija

    File Error

    No, I don’t It all been locked
  12. Netnaija

    slow upload to direct file server.

    Pls can you make a video on how you setup your direct server Have been having headaches doing it
  13. Netnaija

    File Error

    I have two file server (Local server and Fs1 server) the fs1 server was setup by @adam My Local server with my front page was accidentally deleted completely by my hosting provider while fixing an issue and i had to start afresh again But my FS1 server was untouched my question is that Can...
  14. Netnaija

    Blog Section

    I will like to know if it is possible to create a blog posting section to my website script (Yetishare) If it is possible, How?
  15. Netnaija

    Restoring Deleted File

    My Website Hosting were fixing an issue on my control panel and they accidentally Deleted all my files Please help me Restore my files Anyone with suggestions pls, this is urgent
  16. Netnaija

    Home Page Editing

    I will like to Add Advertisement and Editing the copyright changes to my home page How do i make that happen? I need it to be something like this in the image
  17. Netnaija

    Remove - File Sharing Script Created By from the footer

    I can't find the /themes/flow/templates/partial/ on mine here
  18. Netnaija

    Y4 - file list LOADING... and users cant login

    Please is this Nginx code correct?
  19. Netnaija

    How to enable X-Accel-Redirect for Nginx On Plesk

    I need a properly documented process of the "Enable X-Accel-Redirect for Nginx" for Plesk or Other control Panel A Video or Good written and Understandable Text will be appreciated