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    Bug - Garbage in session data

    Hello. I just notice a bug that may leave garbage in the session data. When a user requests a download page and don't start the download, the script will leave the download info (such as _download_page_next_page) stored in the session until the session expires or the user tries to download the...
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    Bug on moving files between servers

    When moving files between 2 direct servers the transfer may timeout in 60 seconds. Use default_socket_timeout to increase the timeout for the functions fopen and file_put_contents. If the server starts the download and the connection drops in the middle of the transfer the script will proceed...
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    Better buffer management

    Hello. I notice that the current file.class.php reads the file using $buffer = fgets($handle, 4096) and calculate a usleep time in each loop to control the download speed. With this setup I'm consuming 10% processing power for each 100mbps on a xeon E5-1650v2. It's too much for such a simple...
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    Improvements on the zip feature

    Hello Here are some ideas to improve the zip feature: - The final zip file could be added as a new file in the users account. - Currently the ajax request to zip files is sent to the main server and the main server downloads all the files and compact them. This could overload the main server...
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    Anyone needing a storage server?

    Hello. I got a dedicated server with plenty of storage space available. So I was thinking in share some of this space with someone for a fair price. The server is in europe, uses hardware raid 6, have a gbit link and have plesk installed. It does not have ffmpeg and it doesn't allow torrents...
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    Downloads not being counted correctly

    Problem: If multiple users start the download of a single file at the same time, only one will be logged. Solution: Replace this line: $db->query('UPDATE file SET visits = :visits WHERE id = :id', array('visits' => $this->visits, 'id' => $this->id)); to this: $db->query('UPDATE file SET visits...
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    mcrypt error

    Hello. Sometimes I got the following error in my error_log: PHP Warning: mcrypt_decrypt(): Received initialization vector of size 5, but size 16 is required for this encryption mode in /home/brfiles/public_html/core/includes/file.class.php on line 2297 Does anyone knows how to fix it?
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    Slot speed in remote upload using external mysql server

    Using an external mysql server the remote uploads become very slow. Using an 1gbps port and a external mysql server with 9ms of latency I got 800KB/seg. Using curl in the command line I got 70MB/seg. This problem is caused by the method remoteUrlCurlProgressCallback in the uploader.class.php...
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    Shorter urls without md5

    Hello. Currently the scripts uses the md5 function to get a random string of 16 hexadecimal characters and uses it in file urls. Since this string is saved as char in the db we can use a random string using characters a-Z and 0-9. With random strings of 12 characters we would have a shorter...
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    Turn off auto complete in password fields

    Hello. I suggest disabling auto complete on password input fields. I've been having some complaints from users regarding this. Their files are uploaded with password and it may be due to the browser's auto complete feature. I didn't find any other code in the script that may create passwords in...
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    Error when 2 files are being created at the exact same time

    Hello. The file table has an unique index on the shortUrl field. This field is filled with the string 'temp' by the moveIntoStorage function in the file class. The script doesn't use transactions but mysql queries are atomic. When 2 files are being processed at the same time, one of them will...
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    Translations on 4.3

    I was going to post this in the bug tracked topic, but it was closed. So, I don't have the 4.3 but I just saw the translations on and they appear to be really bad. I guess they were generated using google translator. I read some lines of the...
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    Renaming files with double click

    I was thinking, it would be really nice to rename files by clicking 2x on them, when using the list view. I've seen this in some sites, a double click changes the text into an input field and clicking outside the field turns the input back into text. It doesn't need to be a double click. A...
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    MySQL server has gone away

    Hello. When moving large files between servers the connection to the mysql server is lost, the file is downloaded in the new server but the script can't update it in the database. You end up having the file action stuck in the "processing" state. And the move feature is more like a "copy"...
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    Problems tracking downloads in the rewards plugin

    Hello. I've found several problems in the way the rewards plugin tracks downloads. Those problems can be exploited by users to earn money with incomplete downloads. I'll post details in a reply in this topic to protect sensitive information.
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    Keeping files in the database

    Hello. Companies in some counties have to keep logs for a specific amount of time (in mine is 6 months). In yetishare when a user empties his trash folder the script removes all files and all it's logs from the database. This issue is solved by adding a new file status to hide deleted files...
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    Issue with mime types and extensions

    Hello. I found some issues about how the script get the file mime type and extension: 1) finfo may not return the correct mime type for all files. For an mkv file I got application/octet-stream; charset=binary and the correct would be video/x-matroska; charset=binary. Different php versions...
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    IP list outdated

    Hello. The ip list used by yetishare is very outdated. I've been working with country ip lists for the past 3 years and I can say that the ip allocations change frequently. I update my lists on a weekly basis and every week there are new ips allocated to my country. A static list of ips for all...
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    Captcha in the admin login

    Hello. There are captchas in other parts of the script, why not in the admin area login?
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    Better logs on background tasks

    Hello. The script has a table background_task to store tasks names and date of last execution and background_task_log to store logs. The way it works now the storage servers will also update the background_task every time. Those updates are uselessness since the background_task table doesn't...