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    urgent plz help

    dear i have disable the Show Embed Code: but many user download the files through embed code or watch can i block i have allowed only download file earning not watching... but user can also use the embed code and earn how can i block it..plz help
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    How to change registration page

    Dear i need some changes on registration page like delet the option Mr. Title , again email etc
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    Count Limit of File Size Increased but Not Change...

    I Was increased the file size in admin panel for 1 to 100mb but still not change on reward pages...kindly help me..plz
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    Change Ajax Click here to upload Script

    ]Can it is possible to change the Ajex function like click here to upload...
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    need direct link imageviewer

    i have install the imageviewer plugin but there is no direct link like and this link is not a compatibale for other forums.. like how to set as...
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    How to add bottom link add like copywriter etc

    i have a website but how to add copywrite link in landing page bottom..
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    want to add/change ppd or ppv counter setting..

    Currently has PPS and PPD. Can you add PPV Pay Per View or Pay Per Thousands View? I would prefer Pay Per Thousands View
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    How to Change the Counter Setting 1000 to 10000

    How to change the counter or view setting 1000 to 10000 in script, kindly help me plz check my attachment and help me
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    i want to buy

    i want to buy template like