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    Fixed: Unlimited Available Storage

    Hi Adam, Is the "Unlimited Available Storage" supposed to say that, or 1 GB ?
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    File Storage Plugins

    Given the nature if the application, I believe there is real benefit in adding support for the following cloud storage providers: Azure Storage * Google Cloud Storage IBM Cloud Storage OVHCloud Storage * Especially Azure since thats free for me :)
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    S3 Bug - Deleted User

    Sorry, I'm putting my ISTQB hat on :) It would appear that if an active user has uploaded some files, which are stored in S3, if the user is deleted then the files are not removed. To re-create this: Create a user Upload some files (stored on S3) Files appear in S3 Use admin control panel to...
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    I am interested in the Yatishare script. I've noticed there is a Amazon S3 plugin and a Wasabi plugin. Why are they seperate? Wasabi is completely S3 compatible, the only different is within the service URI. Doesn't seem sensible to pay $69 for a plugin where only the URI is different? Or am I...