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    Error byteseller

    Notification has not been sent to: https://*****/plugins/byteseller/site/_payment_ipn.php Result: Array ( [code] => 403 [reply] => <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=edge"> <meta name="viewport"...
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    Simple promotion

    Hello everyone, It would be nice to have some things to do promotions. Some simple things or we will put the percentage discount with a start date and an end date. And will add a banner on the price showing the discount. when do you think ?
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    Delete The contents of the file have been blocked for download.

    Hello I have selected file locking option by mistake how to remove it? thank you in advance
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    Remove download limitation

    good evening everyone, I gave the premium member the ability to download from the site at maximum speed. The download seems to block 4MO / S how to unlock this and let premium users download at maximum speed?
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    Tolerance of a token ?

    What is the lifetime of a token? A little clever fun to share a link of this kind: / B5ebcaa47fbbe061? Download_token = d659fa0f0ef955b58153d9d631cff4f5f468be0c7ac6d2953143cb436d038d25 And can you avoid this?
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    Indexing the wrong URL

    Hello everyone, By doing a site: monsite in google I found that google had referencer not bad url of this type...
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    Hi all, And what will have a plugin to pass all the links of the files by, The subject has already been considered here: The person says that it integrates it hard can someone explain to me how it did? thank you in advance.
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    [Resolved] Search for registered user only

    Hi all, And can it activate the file search only for registered users? thank you in advance.