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    Public FIle-Info API

    Change identifier to "short url" and make it public accessable, so that tools can use it! ( JDownloader)
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    Sell: Fileshark Yetishare Theme V4 - v4.1.1

    Updated for latest Yetishare Version v4.4.1 Price: 100 USD What is included? Theme included any design-fix for any plugin if necessary. (Also own customized plugins) Design source/modification pack Including Logo as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator source file Including Fonts Including plain...
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    Add MediaInfo for Streaming Websites We already talked about it via support ticket. Here is a reminder. Pls add MediaInfo to store video information. Best thanks
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    API Documantation

    Hello Where i can find the API Documentation for the Yetishare Upload API? Best thanks
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    Discounts by payment option

    Pls add an option to enable discount by payment gateway. e.g. -10% if members pay by bitpay
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    Improve the trash at filemanager

    At file manager /account_home.html the trash can is so useless if the member can't move back files. Plus a function at the admin panel to empty trash can for all members would be great
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    Filemanager => marked files - functions

    At file manager /account_home.html a function to empty marked files " xy file selected" with one click. Plus a function to list "marked" files again
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    Add an option for Show/hide Filename at user panel

    At file manager /account_home.html an option for the members "File Url Show Filename". Like at
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    Enable Premium Only Downloads

    Enable the file access option for members => at admin panel "Minimum User Level". The option "Premium Only" is standard at the most filehoster.
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    Disable the option "File Privacy" at member area and force the admin setting

    Disable the option "File Privacy" at member area and force the admin setting
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    Disable the option "Access Password" via Admin for all members

    Disable the option "Access Password" via Admin for all members
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    Add Bulk Report for

    Add Bulk Report like admin/file_report_manage_bulk_remove.php for reporter
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    Add "Copyright Breach (DMCA)" for Bulk Actions

    /admin/file_manage.php => Add "Copyright Breach (DMCA)" for Bulk Actions
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    A simple redirection for broken links Test this.. the site is blank. Should redirect to "File not found" what ever
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    Attention: FTP Fileserver doesn't delete files from your HDD

    In my case the delete function via admin panel only deletes the DB entry and not the file on the FTP server Tested with differnt installations Debian + Centos + Apache + Nginx + ready to use ispconfig + cpanel systems unfortunately always the same result.
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    Flow theme modification doesn't work

    hi i have a problem with the flow theme and reward plugin. Sometimes, when i change text in a php file from reward plugin, nothing changes in browser. As example in /httpdocs/plugins/rewards/site/rewards.php i changed this $additionalTextStr = '...
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    Anonym member registration mod

    This modification is simple and powerful! No member will expose private data on a filesharing site, this will effect in best case new member registration with fake data. BUT IN WORST CASE, no registration and no new members for your site! This modification keep your yeti script fully...
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