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    Hello, I want to ask what should be the speed of the vps internet connection when I use the backblaze b2 cloud, the connection goes through a website or it is downloaded directly from the backblaze b2? 1GBps or 10GBps?
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    I noticed in the demo version that not all packages are displayed correctly in the resseler user
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    I want to ask, it is possible to set it so that I can create packages so that the user buys a package of 5 GB and can download a maximum of 5 GB and after the downloaded file, the credit is deducted as soon as there is 0GB on the account so download is only limited ?
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    Ratings and Comments Upload files

    Hello, I want to ask how many people would be interested in adding a rating to the uploaded files and also to add the ability to comment on the uploaded files?
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    Hello, the script looks great, but it bothers me that a registered user cannot write any comments on the searched file and it also bothers me that he cannot rate the file with his thumb down or up, or with stars.