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    Do you use Cloudflare Premium??

    Guys, I have a question. Do you use Cloudflare Pro plan or just Free one. Thank You
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    Increase Files Count

    How can I increase files count in the folder from 30 to 50 files in single page view. Thank You
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    Add Shortcuts in FileManager

    It would be great If you can add some shortcuts in FileManager. For Example: -Press "ESC" to clear selected Files -Press key "s" to open the Share Links option -Shortcut to Create Folder, Renaming -etc Thank You
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    Error while editing Folder

    Today, when I was trying to edit a folder I found 1 issue that the parent folder shows as "-none-". This also the same while editing files and when creating new folder too. Check the Screenshot below.
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    Folder Directly Upload Feature

    Sir, please add support for folder upload too in upcoming update. Sometime I have many Folders to upload which also contain many subfolder in parent folder. It makes a quite hard to do manually. As also there is no shortcut or fast way to create multiple folder. Thank You
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    Yetishare v5.2.0 Questions

    Sir, Update is Awesome. Can you please answer these 2 questions. 1. How can I Update from PHP 7.4 to 8.0. I am using WHM (cPanel) Whenever I try to update php to 8.0 then my website shows blank page. 2. And How to access this Feature I tried to find everywhere in admin settings "File...