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    5.2.0 - multiple entries for the same download

    Hi, anybody has similar problem after upgrade to 5.2.0? In my situation one download of file generate several entries in the database. Also in "Active Download" when somebody download one file i have multiple entries of this download. In file download stats also. So in my opinion it's broken...
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    File Previewer on Direct Server

    Hi all, I have YetiShare installed on main site and for files I have configured Direct Server. I notice a problem in the 5.1.0 version. When I upload the image or video thumbnail and original file in file previewer is broken, but files can normally be downloaded from the direct server, there...
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    SMTP newsletter send

    Hello, who knows where is debug/log from plugin newsletter - I must see the debug log, because on my server I send 2000 e-mail's and sending is stuck - in panel admin stuck as sending... In /core/logs don't have SMTP debugging. On 4.4.1 Adam adds It if I think good : " Fixed SMTP sending...
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    Managed space on the fileserver

    Hi all, Is there any way to set in the script read space on the server (direct server) (in SSH it's df -h) ? and make the setting that for example every few minutes is reading the server capacity (have root access) with df -h and make that option when, for example, the server has less than 5%...
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    xSendFile on Apache problem

    Hi, I use this thread on knowledge base to setup up xSendFile on one of my file server - I have Apache + Nginx server on Debian 8.9 Jessie. + VestaCP panel I add this to apache2.conf : <IfModule mod_xsendfile.c> <Files *.php> XSendFile On...
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    Bandwitch limit to download per user

    Hi, I think is a good option to limit the download bandwitch per user or per type of account - most popular and good server rooms still limit the transfer and for overage it should be paid - for example, it would be good to have free accounts can download 20GB and premiums max 50GB per day.
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    DMCA Bulk Remove don't remove the files in direct server's

    Hi, I have the problem. When I remove file via bulk option (DMCA) I not see the file in file action queue when file is on remote (direct) server. I see only when file is on local host. On remote server file not add to file action queue when I remove via Bulk. Files are not deleted by them -...
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    Special panel for antipiracy company

    have idea. My idea I think is Good because Its support sell cooperation with hosting owner and antipiracy corporation. What you think about a special panel for antipiracy company ? Antipiracy Company login to the special panel (for example , login by the login and...
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    Off PPD/PPS program per user

    Hi, it's I think good idea. As soon as the user will download multiple times, eg from his IP, it would be good to have the option to disable the program in his account. In general, the program should be accessible to everyone, but it would be good in the user profile editing window to turn off...
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    buy premium from PPS / PPD

    It would be good to have the option to buy a Premium account from the PPS / PPD program - it would be very useful.
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    Payment gateway plugin

    Hello, is there anybody who can create the custom payment gateway for YetiShare? On my eye is ;)
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    API Problem

    Hi, i have a problem with API on Yetishare. I have problem with /authorize - i have error : Error: Failed finding url: http://domainame/api/v2/authorize i generate my own API Keys but it's a 404 not found error. Can you help me?
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    Custom template

    Briefly: I'm looking for someone to make a template for yetishare. Please contact me via private message.
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    Multiple link copy after upload

    Hi, It's nice to add the multiple copy link to clipboard after upload - this is can be the checkbox of each file or button "Copy All" - this is will be very useful for the uploaders users :D
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    Max storage size for "Least Used Space"

    Hello, I suggest adding a feature that allows you to use max storage size in the "Direct" server settings and "Least Used Space" settings - it would be good if, without prioritizing your servers, files were uploaded to the server that has the most free space. Busy load on the next one who has...
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    Problem with the space

    Hello, I have a problem - in my Storage Option's my server have used 390GB. When I go to the /file folder in direct server and du -h i see 792GB space used.. Can you tell me somebody where is the problem? What's eating me more than half the space? du -h 1,9G ./f1 3,7G ./fc 3,7G ./75 2,4G ./97...