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    Problem in PPD for User Type

    It's impossible with current PPD plugin. There is some work in theory about rewards plugin update, but I doubt that we will see it.
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    PPD counting issue big problem

    Its impossible for now. It's already many request that current rewards plugin sucks. Adam promise update it and we waiting... I suggest you to be extremely patient.
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    custom gateway plugin

    Still looking for!
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    custom gateway plugin

    Yes, he told me that I should use board.
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    All user can view statistics

    Each user can block it in "account settings". But I agree that administrator should have option to disable this function or it should be at least blocked for each user by default.
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    API Documantation

    Admin Panel -> Api -> Documentation Btw. its should be somehow available for developers as well. Not only for admins.
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    custom gateway plugin

    Hello, is anybody here who can create the custom payment gateway for my site (based on yetishare of course)? For more details please send me pm.
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    copy entire folder

    Any update? :)
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    What changes are coming in next update

    So what changes are coming in next rewards plugin update? :)
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    Shows all files and directories in my account.?!?!

    Under "Welcome xxx" click on "Your uploads" and all should be correct.
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    Issue with File Action queue not deleting files

    I have same error. Any solution?
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    File types not uploading

    Yes i got complains about same issue. For me renaming file help. Hope that Adam will find another fix soon :)
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    Flow Templete Editing

    Thanks :)
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    Flow Templete Editing

    The problem is which part of code should be removed?
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    Flow Templete Editing

    Can you put solution here? I also have problem with it.
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    counting sales from resellers in rewards

    Hello. It is possible to start counting rewards from sales made via reseller page? Right know when customer will use voucher code on someone file uploader will get nothing. Its possible to set up everything in that way that uploader will get % from every sale, including this one made via...