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    Disket Yetishare Theme

    Hello, this is new theme for your yetishare site. This theme only $30 and you can get it from Screenshot
  2. N Themes v4.4.2

    Hi, I have a theme Some idea about this theme, I just edit the frontpage only. If you are interested, the theme is only $30 contact me on [email protected] if you want to get my theme or use this site to purchasing my theme :
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    Bocil Reponsive Yetishare Themes

    Hello, Bocil Themes is ready for you. There is 3 different Bocil Themes for you visit this site for the live demo and purchasing this theme.
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    How to make Copy Files form?

    Hi, I tried to add Copy Files form on Can someone help me how to make copy files form? I want to give my users easy features to copy files into their account.
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    need to change your link and remove html?

    hello, I can help you to change any link on your yetishare script or plugin (rewards, reseller, etc) without any problem. If you interesting, pm me :) example : to to ,etc...