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    Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates

    This is really confusing me > Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates x 1000 Download . Lets say 250.00 MB - 500.00 MB pay out is : 5$ . So a file must be downloaded 1000 times so the owner earn this 5$ ? and does playing videos with embed codes count ?
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    Guest user make 2 Downloads at the same time issue

    I think am not the only one .. If u are a guest and make 2 Downloads at the same time , after the countdown ends and click DOWNLOAD the countdown will restart again instead of redirecting you to the download page , this goes on when your downloading 2 or more files at the same time .
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    the Mp4 icon inside the player

    anyone know what and where i can find the MP4 icon inside the media player ( check screenshot ) I already found the smaller one which appears b4 you are redirected to the player page.
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    Embed code for paid members only

    It will be a good idea if we have the option to make Embed codes available only for paid uploaders , Since we will not get any benefits from embed videos in other websites other than consuming bandwidth .
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    Trash Can

    I was wondering how to remove totally the trash can of members . I have noticed with fake accounts i made , that even if a user delete a file it will be kept in the trash can , and its also downloadable which continues to use server disk space and bandwidth . what is the way for totally...
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    Recommend advertisement alternatives

    We all know that google adsense is the best option but as its also known google adsense are not so friendly with file hosting websites , so what is the best alternative to use . Share your opinion here since advertisements is a major issue to keep the website up and running and pay hosting bills .
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    Adding Advertisement inside video player

    is it possible to add an advertisement inside the video player ? and can the advertisement also show if embed code is used ?
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    File servers ( Remote direct ) problem

    I did all the steps , and also confirmed the information inside / , also i added both website ip's and domain name in Remote MySQL ( on both cpanels ) but am still getting this error : any help please ?
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    Download speed Advice

    Hi mates To be fair with our users and premium members , what do you think is a fair download speed for Guests and registered free members ? Premium members : FULL SPEED . Guest Members : ???????? bytes Registred Members : ???????? bytes Thank you , waiting your opinion and advice .
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    Cron Jobs

    Hi what is the best Cron Jobs Command to use with the script . can some one post it here please ?
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    Rewards ( am a millioner )

    How can i fix this , :shock: trust me if this was real i would have bought mfscripts long time ago :D
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    2 ips

    I moved to a new VPS I added 2 ips . does this help in loading site faster or it does not matter since am running on vps. in other words is it a good idea having 2 ips or waste of time and money ?
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    Urgent help please

    Urgente please. Am moving to a new server , i want to move my site threw cpanel , The problem is on my current server i don't have enough space to make a backup , so my question is : if i download the FOLDER ( FILES ) to my desktop and delete it from FTP . Then do a backup and move my site to...
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    Voucher plugin Question

    Hi I have the voucher plugin , how can i add this BOX to the Extend account page ?
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    Login page background

    Hi mates Anyone have an idea how can i add a background image to login.html ?
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    Need new theme

    Hi guys , any one interested in making a new theme for my website ? My Budget is 100$ only if anyone think that he/she can do it for this price please PM . I can provide the images needed .
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    Urgent Please site offline

    Hi Since the last 20 hours my website have been OFFLINE , i contacted Mfscripts they told me its a DNS error I contacted my host they said its not a host problem its a script error or something i modified , I DIDNT TOUCH THE SERVER OR CPANEL OR FTP OR ANY THING SINCE 7 DAYS ! then Adam...
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    Cloud flare and yetishare

    Just want to ask if is it good idea to run cloud flare with yetishare , does it have any effect specially on external servers ? or is it good to use ?
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    Google Translate

    Hi it will be a good idea if you add google translate instead this language file thing that the script have which we must translate it manually .
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    how do you host your website ?

    Share with us the best way you host your website . If you have a busy website what is the best way to host it ? 1- Host Main site on Vps or cloud , while Upload to another Dedicated server 2- Host main site and files on the same dedicated server 3- Another way