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    bandwidth limiter

    since 99.99% of file host sites don't have a limit for bandwidth i don't think its a good idea for u to be the only one using it .
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    Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates

    This is really confusing me > Pay Per Download (PPD) Rates x 1000 Download . Lets say 250.00 MB - 500.00 MB pay out is : 5$ . So a file must be downloaded 1000 times so the owner earn this 5$ ? and does playing videos with embed codes count ?
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    Guest user make 2 Downloads at the same time issue

    I think am not the only one .. If u are a guest and make 2 Downloads at the same time , after the countdown ends and click DOWNLOAD the countdown will restart again instead of redirecting you to the download page , this goes on when your downloading 2 or more files at the same time .
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    the Mp4 icon inside the player

    anyone know what and where i can find the MP4 icon inside the media player ( check screenshot ) I already found the smaller one which appears b4 you are redirected to the player page.
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    Embed code for paid members only

    It will be a good idea if we have the option to make Embed codes available only for paid uploaders , Since we will not get any benefits from embed videos in other websites other than consuming bandwidth .
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    Trash Can

    Yes thats right , i tested with older files and i couldn't , thank you for the hint
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    Is it possible to make an exact copy of mywebsite for testing purposes hosted on subdomain?

    For not having any problems with adam . just make sure you are the only one that have access to this copy and its not online for public ...
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    Trash Can

    I tried to download a file in the Trashcan and i was able to ...
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    Download speed Advice

    The best i think is : 100kbs for guests 200kbs for registred unlimited for paid
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    Trash Can

    I was wondering how to remove totally the trash can of members . I have noticed with fake accounts i made , that even if a user delete a file it will be kept in the trash can , and its also downloadable which continues to use server disk space and bandwidth . what is the way for totally...
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    How many are using the search files feature?

    Many Reasons : 1- Users privacy , most of them don't check if its public or not 2- I have clients that use it for backup and they own small business with limited knowledge about computers , they just login and upload 3- Safer for DMCA or/if any adult materials exist as well 4- Why to...
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    How many are using the search files feature?

    I prefer not using it .
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    Download speed Advice

    And can you give me the number of this speed please .. Am running on this server : 8 núcleos CPU Intel 4gb RAM dedicada 8gb memória swap
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    Download speed Advice

    anyone with a good advice guys ?
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    What happens to the files client stored, if his account gets downgraded?

    The one million Dollar question , i always wondered the same ! i will add to it this as well : IF free user : inactive file will be deleted after 30 days If Premium Member : Inactive fil will never be deleted * lifetime * What happen if the premium also downgraded in this case
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    GUIDE: Amazon S3 File Store

    Anyone using amazon s3 can give ys a review about it ?
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    GUIDE: Amazon S3 File Store

    I was wondering if i use Amazon S3 will it handle the high traffic and downloads ? or this depends on my main site setting
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    how to reset the language

    Here are all the language packs :
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    some help needed about categories and translation

    Here is the translation Pack Link :