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    VestaCp Erro WebMail and PhpMy Admin

    Please help me with this question, in my vesta panel I can not use my database or my webmail when I enter this code in the .conf file: #location / { if (! -e $ request_filename) { rewrite ^ / (. *) /index.php?_page_url=$1 last; when I log in, this code in the .conf file, my webmail and my...
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    Yetisha Video Site

    Hello everyone here use the yetishare as a video site, could you give me some tips or help. Thank you.
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    new player

    Hello, I'm one step away from buying the inscript, but I need to add another player: I wonder if it would be possible to add this service? Being necessary I will pay.
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    Hello, I apologize for bothering you, but here I am to try to help and improve the YetiShare script in the Video Monetization part. The Yeti is an excellent Script the Best of the Market, however the part of Video Monetization lets you wish, With the implementation of the player Free VideoJs...