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    Large file downloading not start

    done all the steps still the same
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    Short url for file download urls

    Is there any way to add short urls to file download links so users may choose from it and share.
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    Reseller Plugin Bug

    I installed and configured the plugin,but it doesn't calculate the percentages accurately,it is same in the demo too.Any fix?
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    Y4 - file list LOADING... and users cant login

    Getting the same error here how to fix it?tried nginx rules no luck.
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    premium membership and premium downloads

    Why should i want this in admin area?There are dozens of files from dozens of users how can i decide to make download available for premium users?Uploaders should decide this i think if you want to take this script further this function should be added for files and for folders.
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    premium membership and premium downloads

    My first request is that I want to make users can mark the uploaded file as premium and available only for premium user. I also want to mark users as affiliate from admin panel so only the chosen ones will make money not all users.