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    Set Upload/Download Speed & Concurrent Connections By User Type On Nginx

    Hi Adam, I followed this guide to set the limits but I believe there is an error in "limit rate" which should be "limit_rate". after this an error might come out like this: Invalid nginx configuration: nginx: [emerg] zero size shared memory zone "addr" nginx: to solve the error you need to...
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    v5.3 files for premium

    Hi adam , I could see that now you can select the file for premiums only. the problem is that for example in my site different packages are set, both for time limitation and for archiving. I was wondering if it was simply possible to flag for general premium users. or free or non-free users...
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    v 5.3 ads on direct link

    Hi Adam, as the title suggests I would like to know if it is possible to insert the vast or IMA also in the player in direct link.
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    link copy

    Hi Adam, in version 4.5 for registered users, there was a link that allowed you to copy a file from another user and have it also in your profile, basically a single file that had multiple owners. surely this method helps to save many GB of space especially among uploaders. is it possible to...
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    wasabi storage

    hi, I wanted to ask if a guide on how to make wasabi storage compatible with yetishare will be released in the FAQ. i have some problems. I created my Bucket, I entered the keys correctly in the plugin configuration, but if I set a specific user to upload in the wasabi, only some file types...
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    Plugin v5

    hi Adam, how long to see the first payment plugins converted to version 5? and i need to buy wasabi plugin, my server is at capacity limit Regards
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    little bug report V5

    Hi Adam, i send a small bug report after a week of use: a small premise concerns the fact that this version is much faster than the previous version 4. what I report in this list has also been reported elsewhere, but in order not to disperse the information among the various posts and tickets...
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    [solved]Upload error

    hi, I have a problem with the upload. when I try to load any file, the upload stops at 95.37 MB always. the upload box after the timeout writes to me "ERROR: There was a server problem when attempting the upload, please try again later." and I find all the files of this size in the / files /...