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    Yetishare v4.5.5: php curl file upload API not working

    I wrote a simple php code to utilize the file upload API. It works on one PC but returns a ""Please provide the access_token param." error on another even if it it was just generated a few seconds ago and is included. That's why I'm sure that the server side is okay, but I can't figure out what...
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    How to disable the folder URL view?

    Just like the title says. I have no purpose of the folder url for the front-end so I want to disable it.
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    Disable public folder view on front-end only

    I want to ask if it is possible to now allow any front-end public folder view, but still allow the front-end download pages of files to be accessible. I don't want the files being listed on front-end, and the permalink structure is predictable as well so I assume that someone who knows the site...
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    Media Converter Screenshot - Setting to % duration instead of # of seconds

    Like the title says, I'd like to know of a way to configure the Media Converter Plugin to get the screenshot based from the percentage of the video's total duration (e.g. 50%), instead of having an absolute number of seconds (e.g. 15 seconds). Is there a way for the convert.php to read and know...
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    Media Player/Converter Plugin : Video Processing Status on Embed code

    On /yetishare/plugins/mediaplayer/site/_embed.php how can I check for a condition when the video file is still pending/processing so even if embedded earlier before the video is converted the viewer can be informed that the embedded video is still being encoded.
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    Media Converter Error - Screenshot not being generated on Download/Account Pages

    Whenever the conversion runs, it ends up with this error: When I checked the /tmp directory, the screenshots in *.jpg format are generated and exists there, they even work when I download and view it locally. What I found peculiar is that they're owned by apache:apache instead of my webserver...
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    Encoding videos that have been uploaded before installing Media Converter Plugin

    Is there a way to queue files for encoding when they are uploaded before installing the Media Converter Plugin?
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    Media Player never shows on non-users

    I don't know why the Media Player is only working when I'm logged in. On public users/non-users It is only showing file download pages. EDIT: Solved the issue. It's captha-related.
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    Yetishare v4.2 - sitemap generation for publicly available files

    I just updated my site to v4.2, and the search tool is a new feature for me. I want to know if yetishare has a sitemap generator or something so I can use it for submitting to analytics and other stuffs.
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    Question about Media Converter Plugin

    I'm thinking about purchasing the media converter plugin, but I don't really need the conversion itself. I only want to have the feature of having the videos their own generated thumbnail image that can be seen in the media player. Is it possible to disable the conversion itself, and just use...
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    Download token not being generated unless logged in as admin

    I have this current issue, the download pages fails to generate a download token but when I am logged in as admin pages generate a download token normally.
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    Media Player Plugin: How to make the video embeds responsive to its container?

    Just as the topic says, I'm trying to find out how to have the embedded iframe of Video Player automatically adjust on the div element where it's contained when embedded on other websites?
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    Can't read the posts in other subforums after logging in.

    It seemed that I lost access to other subforums after logging in. Can this be fixed?