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    Problem in PPD for User Type

    we need some help about PPD program. i new user name of uploader . in PPD setting when i only select Uploader rank user . its show message on account_rewards.php page Note: PPD is not available with your account. but when i change user rank to free and also select free user permission in PPD...
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    PPD counting issue big problem

    count not show fine in user side panel . one day its show some count but next days its show zero like it can its possible its update every 30 to 60 minutes and show fine . second its update through cron job? one more thing i asked its possible we change our payment date monthly to every...
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    complete download not work on nginx and cloudflare

    hi , i run PPD on our filehost . but problem is when user download some part its not download complete file . its count . i add nginx code on our default config file . please tell me how to set it we also use cloudflare and we also change domain to ip address in this location @afterdownload {...
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    meta robots noindex and nofollow help

    hi any one help me we want to <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW"> to our download and error page only and other page we want to same robots all index and follow but these 2 pages we want no index and no follow i try many time but not success any one tell me how to do it
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    cloudflare ssl setting on nginx

    hi i have cloudflare ssl key and certificate . please any one tell me how to put in nginx centos server for yetishare.
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    yetishare nginx help

    hi i have install webuzo with php 7.0 centos 7 our nginx config is #user nobody; worker_processes 1; #error_log logs/error.log; #error_log logs/error.log notice; #error_log logs/error.log info; pid /usr/local/apps/nginx/var/log/; events { worker_connections 1024; }...
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    Payment gateway

    I need help for selling premier account of my file host .which gateway is best for use for incoming payment because paypal,skrill,payza blocks accounts after some time.
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    some help needed about categories and translation

    hi , any one tell me how to create new categories for search page . i want create APK file category. second i add all translation pack but its not show on our main site please tell me how to show it
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    social login plugin not work

    i install social login plugin in 4.2 script but no show any button in login area
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    Custom Theme

    Need a custom theme for yetishare 4.2 script contact me if and one interested budget is 150$. skype id . sj.awan786
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    some help need of download big file

    hi i have problem on my script i don't know how to solve it because in admin area not have option about it. problem is download file which size is greater to 500mb not any user able to download it show error page like site not working. but when download less then 500mb file its work . whats...
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    need some help of reward plugin and skrill plugin

    hi friends . i need some help. can any one tell me how to change monthly payout to payout on request or daily in reward plugin. second how to skrill add in reward withdrawal option . we have already active skrill plugin but its not show in reward withdrawal option
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    need a custom theme

    can u make a full custom theme for yetishare i need it
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    search mod

    need advance search mod i see some time ago.can u tell me about it
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    how to change download count down time

    need help about change the download count down timer for free or non user.
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    add torrent mod

    add torrent mod for torrent users .many user use torrent for upload files .and share.