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    Files not showing up in my user folder. [SOLVED]

    ive created another user and added files. but it seems like it wont load them to the user folder.. So i checked what SQL has to say says my user created dat is Null odd.. so lets check the files i uploaded. So its showing My user ID as being Null... strange... I just created this user...
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    Chunk file permissions error?

    "Error: Failed creating tmp storage folder for chunked uploads. Ensure the parent folder has write permission:/home/udevstud/
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    Upload Widget

    The upload widget works great, however you cannot copy the link it gives you. there is a popup that shows but the link cannot be copied or selected... any thoughts?
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    Original Flow theme for 5.1

    i was under the impression that as stated on the website that FLow and blue came with the purchase of the yetishare.. are these in the works?
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    Ubuntu 20 install instruction

    Centos 6-7-8 will be EOL by Dec31 2021 is there any instructions on Ubuntu?
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    Upload Plugin

    is the upload plugin for 4.5.5 updated or is it still flash based?
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    Upload Widget

    It looks like the "upload widget" in the demo uses flash? will this get an update as i am interested in buying yetishare and a few addons.