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    reboots or package upgrades - what to do?

    when there are upgrades like for mysql server package, due to some security vulnerability or even upgrades to nginx or apache, this requires a restart of the services, which is fine except if you have people streaming video already, when you restart certain services it kills their stream...
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    add filtering for file server

    on file server section for admin, have it so we can filter by active, disabled, etc..
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    352mb converts into 706mb

    The media converter (convert.php) needs to be modified to use ffprobe (from ffmpeg) to get the bitrate of the video, and then determine if videos bitrate is higher than the CONVERSION_BITRATE value.. If the video bitrate is NOT higher than CONVERSION_BITRATE, the video should be converted at the...
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    Loading thumbnails

    1. On the user side, if the user selects 'list view', it should remember that, in a session storage or wherever, so that when they come back to /account_home.html it doesnt once again load the thumbnails 2. on admin section, at least on yetishare 4.2, it by default does list view for listing...
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    abuse reports doesn't new line properly

    when viewing an abuse report, under 'Other Information', everything is on one line, not new lines like it should be
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    Media converter: Short video screenshots

    The media converter assumes all videos are 15 seconds minimum, so when theres a video thats less than that, no screenshot is ever created. The media converter should ffprobe or something to get the duration of the video then set a seconds point based on the duration
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    Copy file via command line

    Anyone know of any simple php code that i could use to copy a file to a new shorturl ? via command line ?
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    basic file upload api

    Has anyone been able to create a basic api to upload a simple file ? like we know there is a apikey field in the users table From what it looks like, the archive manager plugin utilizes the api to upload the file so it looks like there is a way to create a simple php file where say on your...
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    Give admin option to retain file records

    Right now if a user uploads a file, deletes it, then empties their trash can, the record of the file is lost forever For security or law enforcement purposes, I think the site operator/admin should have the option to enable retain user file RECORD so that even if they empty trash can, the...
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    Admin add new payout methods

    on admin section under rewards, there should be a way to click 'Add new payout method' and then you can enter in bitcoin and then the secondary label etc.. instead of having ot manually do it in the database
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    paidExpiryDate does not clear

    After a users premium account expires, their level_id on the users table does revert back to 1 (free), but their paidExpiryDate value is still the due date of their expiry +---------------------+----------+ | paidExpiryDate | level_id | +---------------------+----------+ | 2016-04-16...
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    Lets talk payment processors

    Has anyone been able to actually charge credit cards, if so, using whom? I've concluded that if you have a file sharing site, and you disclose that, which you are required to , in order to process payments.... they will reject you once they learn that its a file hosting site.. i have yet to find...
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    Share / Sync folders between users on the site

    There really needs to be a feature where, you can create a folder on your account Then right click on the folder and click Sync with Users Then type in the username of the person who you want to share this folder with. Then its like dropbox, a shared folder that when you log in, or they log...
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    Add more than one recipient to Send Via Email feature

    make it so you can click say a plus sign and then enter in a 2nd email or at least, have a plus sign that creates a new email box for CC: then another plus sign for another email box for BCC
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    Ideas on how to give priority for conversion

    Any ideas on how i can go about making it so that certain userId's get priority over conversion? best i can come up with is to get a list of conversions pending and then i guess set the ones that dont belong to a certain userId to cancelled, and to log it.. and then when the priority userids...
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    mediaconverter keep original file

    1. Is anyone using the Keep Original File feature on the media converter? How is it working out? 2. What happens if w/ the keep original file, the converted copy gets downloads, but the original file behind the 'Download' link doesnt get enough downloads,..... wouldnt that mean that the...
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    affiliate id does not redirect

    When a user visits the affiliate id url, like it does not redirect them to the /index.html or .... shouldnt it?? im not sure it looks good that it just stays w/ the aff url in the address bar it should disappear as soon as possible, no?
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    Auto login after registration

    If ability to define password on registration page is enabled, then once they register, it should automatically log them in.. since they did enter the credentials already..
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    Give ability to set custom PPS percentage for users

    Or let us create a group and then put certain users in that user group.. or web master group.. then that group gets more higher percentage or at the very least, on an individual basis, let us be able to edit a user account, and then say theres a rewards section, and then define a rewards PPS...
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    Handling sudden large traffic

    How are people handling a sudden traffic surge? Example, a guy uploads a file, it goes on a file server, server1 he posts the URL somewhere, now 300 people are downloading the file.. maxing out server1 bandwidth Now anyone who visits that link, is going to get slow download speeds.. because...