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  1. adam

    Things to impletement in this latest update v5.2

    This is on the list, however it's likely a few releases away. Admin can reset a users 2FA in the mean time if needed. As admin you should also have access to the DB encase you lock yourself out, so it could be reverted that way. Appreciate the feedback though, it's definitely something I have...
  2. adam

    Things to impletement in this latest update v5.2

    Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the paging is pushing it out. I'll fix it for the next 5.3 release.
  3. adam

    how i can ?

    Hi, It's via the account packages section, here on our demo site: un: admin pw: [email protected] You'll see an icon on each row to "pricing options". Thanks, Adam.
  4. adam

    Like Theme Mega

    In what way?
  5. adam

    Yetishare v5.2.0 Questions

    Please submit it in the rfcs
  6. adam


    This is working fine in Edge on our demo site. Please ensure you've cleared your browser cache and try again.
  7. adam

    Yetishare v5.2.0 Questions

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback. 1) This entirely depends on your setup, OS etc. It's not something we offer support on, although there's a WHM/cPanel forum you may get more info. If you've correctly installed PHP8 and still see issues, please check your server logs for more details. 2) It's on...
  8. adam

    Yetishare v5.2.0 Available!

    Hi all, Yetishare v5.2.0 is now available for download via your account. For more information see our blog: Thanks, Adam.
  9. adam

    cron on file server

    It should work manually via the cli, the same as via cron. I'm not sure why it would be different. 100 items are processed per cron run.
  10. adam

    cron on file server

    The cron script will only clear 100 at a time, so worth double checking the total count to see if it's decreasing. If you have a lot of entries it may take time to clear. The actual items are in the "file_action" DB table. You can find any pending ones by running: SELECT * FROM `file_action`...
  11. adam

    [SOLVED] HTTPS problem with File Previewer Plugin (v5.1.1)

    Via the database, go to the 'file_server' table. Look in the 'serverConfig' column for your server entry and ensure the following setting is https.
  12. adam

    Disabled to get direct download link only from API

    Hi, It's not currently an option, you'd need to remove or disable the API code. Thanks, Adam.
  13. adam

    some js files 404

    The Nginx rules aren't wrong. They're in use on many sites, including our demo site.
  14. adam

    v4.x: remove first and last name from signup page

    Hi, Yes you should be able to remove it. Try the following: In: "\themes\flow\templates\register.html" Find and remove: $title = trim($_REQUEST['title']); $firstname = trim($_REQUEST['firstname']); $lastname = trim($_REQUEST['lastname']); Also remove: if...
  15. adam

    a lot of php errors

    Hi, I've responded to your ticket, but you should run the crons via their file path, not the domain name. Details here: I'd also recommend hiding PHP notices, errors etc from your live site, they may pose a security risk. You can do this via...
  16. adam

    index not found

    I've just tested it again and see the redirect to "index", so it's happening for me aswell again. Can you share FTP access via the ticket aswell, I'll run some checks?
  17. adam

    index not found

    I tested this the other day on your install and fixed it by clearing the application cache. So it may be something local to you. (browser etc). If you want me to test again, please update/add a ticket with the details and I'll look.
  18. adam

    index not found

    You don't need the /index part, you should access the site like this:
  19. adam

    List Of File Actions (76336 Pending)

    If I installed it then yes :) Unless they're not functioning due to "php" paths. If you ping me access details via the ticketing system, I'll take a look.
  20. adam

    index not found

    Hi, I believe this was resolved via the ticketing system. For other peoples benefit, the fix was to purge the application cache via the admin area. Thanks, Adam.