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    remote url upload

    Hello dear sir I have yet a problem remote url upload does not work. I tried the same links with uptobox and and it works. And not need to pass and username Sample: Goya-L Etrange Histoire du Chateau Hante.rar Thank you for...
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    Problem with the bigs files

    Hello dear sir I have a big problem when i upload 1 big file ( several hours). The upload did not end because after a while, we are disconnected from the file host. Have you a solution ? Thank you
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    Expiry Date

    Hello dear sir Is it possible to put in the profile expiration date of a Premium Member? Thank you
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    connected all the time

    Hello dear sir on many forums, we have a checkbox to always be connected. Have you a solution for this script ? Thank you Yvan
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    Problem with permission Free User Settings

    In the permission if i put 1, i have this error: Error: Maximum number of files exceeded and if i put 2 or more, the maximum amount of files is illimited ... Have you a solution ? Thank you
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    modification of account home

    Hello dear sir There is something not practical when you have a lot of files and the folders do not help much for the management. Ideally, when moving files to a folder, the files disappear from "your files". It would be more practical to manage files. We see this on professional hosting...
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    Max uploads reached

    Hello dear sir Today, 1 premium member who was this error Is this normal? Normally it is unlimited ... Where is the permission in setting Thank you for your help
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    setting in admin

    Hello dear sir In my admin, site setting, i have where find Thank you
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    error for a new user in admin

    Hello dear sir when i add a new user in admin, il have this message and the username is "condado", 7 characters long and in the area Username, is display "admin" and no "condado" I have the same problem if a member want to register Thank you for your help
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    problem for a new user

    Hello when a new user wants to connect, for example: ringo, he usernamer in automatly admin. Same problem when I want to create me this username Thank you for your help
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    Blank White Page after install

    yes this work but when i connect i have this error and i have this path in firefox: Normally, it's .php and not .html ****** = it's me for hide my forum I have not this problem in admin
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    Problem with install

    Dear sir When i install the script, i have this error: I really like that line before installation I have several pages then the installation goes well, admin is fine but the index has a blank page thank you for your help