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    Upload Slots / Uploading Queuing Feature

    Hi, it would be a nice feature to have where we can choose to set upload slots for free / premium / non-users. EG: if for free user we have set upload slots = 4 then only 4 free users can upload files and others have to wait until the slot is free.
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    CDN For Files

    Hi Adam and team, it would be a really really great feature to bring CDN option for file downloads, i have also posted previously about this as Cache Clusters.
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    Multiple Errors And Bugs With WebDav

    Any filename at my end that has an apostrophe in it fails to transfer. Only way round it is to remove the apostrophe at my end, but that then breaks the Music or video software i have installed. Can not upload files bigger than 5 GB it fails and starts over Can not upload files into...
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    Files Upload Slot Queue

    It would be a nice feature to have an option to set Files Upload Slot queue for free / premium / non / all users. We should be able to enable this feature for specific user type, which will not let users upload files unless a slot is free. Slots will be defined from back-end eg: if i specify...
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    File Encryption Like MEga. nz

    It would be the best feature to add in the script, to allow us to encrypt files like Mega does,
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    Notification Of Deletion Of Files

    Greetings Adam, it would be a really helpful feature to add the notification of deletion of files in the File Manager area, so that users can know which files were recently deleted automatically due to inactivity. This is a very important feature.
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    Cant Login To Tickets Area Please Help

    Hi Adam, i cant login to the Ticket area even with the correct username and pass, can you please help and also reply to my tickets.
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    Increase Video Player Support

    Greetings Adam, Could you also please work on the Video players, and please bring support for X265
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    Servers Status

    There should be a function which checks the servers to see if they are active, right now we have to do it manually and doing many servers gets really annoying daily, so it would be really nice if this can be automated, really helps if you have lots of servers.
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    Ability To Temporarily Suspend Files

    Greetings, it would be great if there is a function to temporarily suspend files and then reinstate them whenever wished from the admin panel and as well as from file manager, suspended files will not be deleted but give an error on short url when browsed.
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    Internal Notifications

    It would be a really nice feature to be able to send all the users internal notifications via the Admin panel about sites news and changes made, currently we have this function but cant be used to send different notifications to the users, there is a static one from the...
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    Cache Clusters For File Server CDN

    Greetings Adam, i hope you are reading this thread, Currently Yetishare supports CDN for static images but not for downloads, it would be a really really nice and important feature to add, because servers gets really overloaded and they are busy almost all of the time, CDN for downloads will...
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    Database Details Should Be Hidden

    Greetings adam, the site when experiencing database issues, it displays a notice on the domain that the site could not connect to the database The database name and username are written which is not good for big sites adam, as the users can see the details, this should be hidden.
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    Upcoming Major Update

    Greetings everyone, Adam any sneak peaks of the upcoming update?, or perhaps a little update on the progress would really make us all happy. What major changes are we to expect?
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    Torrent Leach Plugin

    Hey adam, so as the new torrent leach plugin is updated and hopefully in the upcoming big update we will see much more. But an imporant feature for the plugin leach is to have an option to automatically archive the files into .zip or .rar etc. Because as you know almost all of the torrents are...
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    Premium Users Server And File Size Priority

    Greetings Adam and team, i wanted to suggest a change in the upcoming update. 1st. There should be an option to set default a specific server for Premium users only, this is very important as you want your premium users separate from the public ones. Their files and downloads will go more...
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    2Checkout Payment Gateway

    Hi adam, would love to see 2Checkout integrated into the script as its one of the most popular gateway.
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    (SOLVED) API Server / User Relation

    Hi adam, i would like to request a change. The user account changes does not override the site settings in the API. Example: In the site settings i have set the default uploads to File Server 4, but i have assigned File Server 5 to a specific user, But when using the API to upload the files...
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    (Solved) Contact Form Not Working

    Hi, my contact form used to work fine but now it isnt working, these are settings of my email section And i have given I dont know how to trouble shoot it, the email that i have given works properly.
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    (Solved) Server Rewrite Mods Not Working

    Hi everyone i hope you all are fine. I am having an issue on all of my fileservers all of a sudden. I can upload and can download files from my file servers but when i test them in the admin panel i get this error Eventhough i have setup the nginx rewrite rules...