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    Suggestions 1 - Language "selection mode" should be easier than the current mode for example: choosing english or or instead of Then the "selected language" is saved in the browser...
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    Forgot Password?

    Also in case of changing the site language is supposed to change the language without a router for home and stay on the same page content by user
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    Forgot Password?

    Also Processing... I never found her languages to modify them on my language
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    Forgot Password?

    Hello I have a problem it is not possible to convert text Forgot Password? Into another language is not alanlgisih and I didn't find the solution
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    upgrade from v3.4 to v3.4.1

    Hi What are the steps to correctly upgrade from v3.4 to v3.4.1
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    Translation of some words in the main website and Control Panel

    Hi I have suggestions for translations for the following 1 - Forgot Password? 2 - Translate site settings path admin/setting_manage.php 3 - Plesse choose page 4 - Processing... 5 - Full...
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    Suggestions for Scripts shortcut links

    Proposal of some characteristics of the script may be present Visitors Select the power over the links at announcements from the administration control panel when the shortcut links new And there are options to the Director such as 1 short without going through advertising links 2 short...
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    Pay Per View (PPV) and the length of the link

    Hi Why link Pay Per View (PPV) for a very long like this? http://xxx.xom/plugins/payperview/site/ppv_earnings.html Why not have a short view of such best ? http://xxx.xom/ppv_earnings.html Without plugins/payperview/site/ Secondly, when you enter the links Pay Per View (PPV) and then go to...
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    Redirection Method for visitors

    Hi Why is not selected to display advertisements do not show ads or links to visitors from the Control Panel administration So what is an appropriate choice of administrators
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    Filter spam

    Waiting for help and thank you
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    Filter spam

    Hi I have more than 3000 spam link The normal method of deletion difficult to delete this number Please work of the property to determine which links will be deleted within the image, such as the following Facilitate the process until it is deleted and management...
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    Add your site to a new domain

    Hi I want to add other domain of the site I would like to be the main scope of the site when entering When you work long shortcut link shows other domain after work shortcut When you log on the scale of the to convert domain if access live on the
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    Number of visitors to the site

    Please send me the full file Through private messages Thank you
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    Number of visitors to the site

    Did not work the way: (
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    Number of visitors to the site

    I still wait for help :)
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    Number of visitors to the site

    But how the code is placed in any file that is placed in the program until Url Statistics show correctly Thank you
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    Number of visitors to the site

    Is it helping ?
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    Number of visitors to the site

    I did not understand your response I want to Statistics are through Google Analytics
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    Number of visitors to the site

    total visits on the site