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    Rewards plugin counting even if a video isnt played at all

    Rewards plugin bug - If i upload a video and then just go to the download page, rewards plugin logs it in. Even if i just go to the download page and exit without playing the video. I have the threshold set to 70%. Thanks
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    Fixed: V5 changes

    When you go into the admin panel under Files, you click on the Download button, it takes you to the Fileserver URL to download when it should be the URL of your primary site. Same thing happens when you get the file download URL's after uploading files. eg: Download URL should be...
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    Adding new pages in V5.0.1?

    Hello, I wanted to add 2 pages in this new template and i understand it is not as easy as just creating 2 html files in this new template and routing. I did get them to work but just curious to know what is the correct process of adding pages? A page for API and copyright is what i am looking to...
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    UVP - Display video thumbnails

    Just wondering if it is possible to add video thumbnails & advertisement support to the new video player in V5. The player supports it so if there is an easy way, can this be done please ? It would be a nice to have for videos specially ads because a lot of people embed videos so would be good...
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    Files List in Admin panel wont show non-english filenames

    I have a whole bunch of files that i believe are in Chinese. In the admin panel, if i go to Manage Files, the filename column wont show anything if it is non-english. The filename for example is "良_.中英字幕-人人影_.JPG". Assuming this is blocked for security reasons or is it a bug ?
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    Pagination in folders

    Hello, Not sure if this is an issue with my script but i have a folder with about 200 files in it and when i share that folder, all the files show up on the same page but i was expecting them to show up as default of 25 files on first page and then PageNumbers at the bottom right - same as file...
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    Image URL gives 404 on nginx

    Hi, i just installed a test site to experience and learn about nginx. i have always been an apache person. I got all the rules right, the website is working fine except for 1 issue. Any image uploads, the URL i get is in the form of: and i get 404 when i...
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    urgent - Developing a program using API

    Hi there, I am trying to develop a software for file upload using the API provided in this script and i am having troubles with file upload API. I dont know how to specify the file path in the "upload_file=" parameter. I have tried full path, relative path, etc but no luck. When i use the...
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    question regarding 4.4.1 upgrade

    Hello Adam, Quick question, i have my theme all setup and i see there are not a whole lot front end changes in the script so my question is: Do you know of any changes in the theme files except for maybe file manager, account home changes, that we may need to update our theme ? I dont want to...
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    API Upload does not work for fileservers

    Hello, Just finished testing all of API functionality and seems like everything works except for uploading files on fileserver. I have remote direct fileservers and i get an error when uploading. It works fine if i upload it to Local server (Local default). Here is the error i get (i...
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    URL for Folder view not working - it redirects to 404 after showing files.

    So i have tried to generate URL for few folders (public and private) in the file manager and i open that link, it shows the files in that folder which is great but then it redirects the URL to 404 page.. Any ideas ??
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    Admin dashboard - Total space used & 30 days payment is rounded off

    Not sure if anyone noticed or if its just me, The numbers are actually rounded off. Example: "Total Space Used" shows 2TB instead of 1.7TB "30 Day Payments" showing $18 instead of $17.99 It showed fine on version 4.3, Any ideas ?
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    Issue with File Action queue not deleting files

    Hello, I am having issues with file action where the script wont delete the expired files. I have set it to remove files after 24 hours of them expiring and i have triple checked the cron jobs are setup correctly and even ran the cron manually but still nogo. The files do go into the _deleted...
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    Fileserver issue

    Hello, I have a bunch of fileservers added to my website and the uploads / downloads work fine but when i run the test, i get an error message. Attaching the screenshot. Anyone has any ideas? The website is working normally and i have tested the uploads and downloads, everything runs fine but...
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    [ACCEPTED v4.4] Media Converter plugin minor change

    Hello Adam, I had asked this before but i guess not a whole lot of people use mediaconverter. I think the ability to setup number of conversions per server in the fileserver (same place we put in SSH credentials) would be helpful because right now, i have multiple servers running conversions and...
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    Re-Generate the thumbnail for documents, images, etc

    Hello there, So i moved files from 1 server to another and it seems to have broken the thumbnail image for certain files (PDF, jpg, etc) Is there a way to re-generate the thumbnail for all document and image files ? I dont want to run a code on the server and mess up everything lol. Thanks in...
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    Document viewer plugin errors

    Hello, i started using the doc viewer plugin and i see my logs full of this error. I uninstalled / reinstalled the Imagick on my centos but still the same issue. Not sure if anyone has encountered this or have a fix for this? I don't think this caused any issues on my PDF files because a...
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    Google Drive storage as fileserver

    Hello, We already have the Amazon S3 plugin but Can we have the plugin to use google drive as fileserver ?
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    WebDAV issues

    Hello guys, Me and adam worked (6-7 months ago) on getting webdav working on my website but we couldn't get it to work so thought i will post it here so if anyone else has any ideas. Issue 1: WebDAV works only on cpanel. i tried a couple different control panels such as virtualmin, centos web...
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    v4.3 issue - even in the demo

    Hello, just saw that the graph for "New Files (last 12 months)" doesnt get generated in 4.3, doesnt work in the demo either.. Please fix