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    Rewards not count after changed main domain

    Hello I have a problem with Rewards plugin. After changing main domain name and rebuild nginx, Rewards plugin not working Im using Directadmin, Nginx webserver, enabled XAccelRedirect on file server, file download working but Rewards (PPD) not counting after download or download complete...
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    [URGENT] Error when using NGINX, PHP-FPM with direct file server

    Hello My system can not upload file (download working fine with X ACCEL) MAIN SITE : Direct file server : When upload, i got an error with UPLOAD HANDLER AJAX of fs1 (direct file server) Please help me fix that Thank you !
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    File Action Queue not working

    Hello File Action Queue not working, it not delete queue files, still pending and not delete file Im using yeti 4.5.1, 1 local and 1 FTP storage, queue file delete on local is working, FTP not working Anyone can help me fix it ? Thank you !