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    Site Settings

    My site settings are all over the place with dozens of entries with the same value (see attachment) it goes on and on up to 256 entries !!!! How can I fix it ? Regards
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    Problems creating URL's

    I can't create any URL's, keep getting the message "There was a problem creating the short url, please try again later." How can I Fix it ? Regards
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    Delete Expired and Disables urls

    How to delete disabled and expired short urls ? Regards
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    Account Edit

    Hi there, I am very happy with the script and since I bought a long time ago it has improved a lot, congrats, however after installed the new version 2.3 I am having a problem with Account Edit as below: Database Error: Unknown column 'apikey' in 'where clause' Last Query: SELECT * FROM...
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    We have to find a solution to stop or at least avoid the spam, phishing and other malicious techniques. My site has been classified as not trustable. Part of the text is ..."Link-shortening service that doesn't adequately test target URLs - the larger link-shortener services will test the...
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    Removing the WWW

    How can I remove the www from the beginning of the shorted url, instead of*** to be*** It will even shorter Thanks