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    Scaling Super-Thread

    I want to start this thread if I may as a central location for scaling advice from our more server-savvy members. What are your recommendations/experiences with making yetishare scalable, what's your server setup and how do you ensure that your setup positively deals with surges of traffic and...
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    Folder url hash

    In 4.3 the folder urls are slightly improved however if the folder name is dropped there is still an incremental folder number and the url still works anyway. Generated folder hashes should be introduced just like the file ones
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    4.3 - Rewards Plugin

    For some reason the new rewards plugin wasn't working for me, until i uninstalled it from the admin panel and reinstalled it, it works now but it cleared all the rewards tables from the db, and unfortunately I don't have a fresh db backup, I didn't think anything would be cleared. Is there...
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    Weird warnings in the ys system log

    I'm constantly getting these strange warnings in the logs =========================================================== 2016-03-10 02:38:07 - *** WARNING *** Array ( [Error Msg] =>...
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    torrent plugin improvements

    The torrent plugin using transmission, sometimes has a few hickups, tested on 2 different servers, -Sometimes torrent stall randomly (the cron should detect this and delete and readd automatically for the user) -Torrents sometimes complete and everything works fine, but the entry isnt removed...
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    file leech plugin

    i think it would be better if the user can enter their own paid account credentials from paid sites that require paid accounts in the account_edit page to be able to unlock uploading ability to them, in addition to the current options.
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    Geo-upload plugin

    For the geo upload plugin i'm considering buying it as I have future plans to basically have a server on every continent, however here are my thoughts/questions on this subject, I invite all the experts (which is everyone but me) to give their valuable opinions 1. If a user from germany for...
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    account home file icons too large

    in icon view i think the icons are too large, i understand some people may like them the way they are (especially because of thumbnails) or even some may think its too small, it would be good to add icon width/height as an option to set in the admin panel. Mobile view only has 2 icon columns for...
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    end to end encryption

    Hello, It would be good to eventually add end to end encryption similar to mega
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    Minor bug with imageviewer plugin

    The imageviewer plugin when encountering a file that it can't obtain thumbnail or resize etc.. because of an invalid image file such as a non image with an image extension that was uploaded throws a 500 error in the server logs 500 GET...
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    selection boxes in file manager in listview

    it would be nice to have selection check boxes in listview in the filemanager
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    torrent uploads dont seem to be getting counted space wise in the admin panel

    torrent uploads arent being added to the current statistics space used in the admin panel and the file servers space used also in the control panel under file servers
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    [ADDED][v4.3] folders with longer name hover over

    currently files with longer names are cutoff and end in ... which is good, when you hover over you can see the whole file name, this should also apply for folders as well
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    torrent downloads sometimes stall (with transmission)

    the cron task should detect if a torrent has stalled and remove and readd it again
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    torrent plugin completed uploads require a page refresh to see in the filemanager

    minor bug, torrent uploads once complete dont show in the file manager until the page is refreshed, this may lead the user to think the files arent there and to reattempt the upload multiple times
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    [ADDED][v4.3] adding nested folders

    after adding a nested folder the filemanager view resets back to the your uploads section, then the user would have to go back through the folders again back to where they were to see the newly created folder, it should just appear in the same view instead
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    [ADDED][v4.3] non flash copy all links and copy link button in the file details popup

    currently the copy all links is flash based and with flash being completely discontinued there should be a non flash option, also in the links popup it would be nice to have a copy link or html code or forum bbcode button
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    media converter plugin autodetect which server files are in

    The media converter plugin should be simplified and should auto detect where files are held and convert them based on the location of the converter in the settings
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    folder selection and right click options in account_home

    Folders should definetly be selectable just like files also, right clicking on folders, files or the background of the file table brings up a list/menu of options, the only way to close that list is to either press Esc (not clear to the user that this is possible) or click out of the...
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    imageviewer plugin rotate features and image thumbnail

    currently the rotate left/right option doesnt also update the thumbnail until the page is refreshed (only applies to the account_home) when rotate image is selected the thumbnail changes to the default one and wont display the thumbnail of the newly rotated image until a page refresh occurs. No...