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  1. jordan

    Amazing & Beautiful Theme for sale.

    My old custom and unique theme that I was not selling on my site is now up for sale. I am going to be getting a new theme done for the site and am now offering this one up for sale. You can read the theme thread here: The theme comes with a...
  2. jordan

    Rate the Theme #2

    So, if you seen my other thread: You would have noticed I made that theme for YetiShare with bootstrap. It was nice, but It did not take me long to decided I wanted a new theme. I sold that theme to people several times so it was no longer...
  3. jordan

    Cant Have php.ini?

    Ever since the upgrade to 3.3 I am unable to have php.ini in my folders. I had this file to declare what the max file upload sizes where, but now if I have them I get this: Any suggestions?
  4. jordan

    Blank white screen

    SO, I have not even updated to 3.3 yet because of this. So it is not the PDO class or php.ini files like the other threads. It is also not installed in a sub directory so thats not a problem. The site worked all well and everything. Then I went to it one day and it was just a blank screen. For...
  5. jordan

    Divx player in media plugin dont work

    Whenever something is uploaded adn requires the Divx media player for it to work, it does not load. Nothing loads. just says 00:00 / 00:00 like so: any help?
  6. jordan

    Server you use?

    What is your server specs and how much doyou pay monthly? Where do you get your server?
  7. jordan

    Rate my Theme

    The theme is still not done but im looking for some people to give me some reviews. For best looks, you should head over to www, to check it out live HomePage: Media Page: Dropdown Navigation:
  8. jordan

    Change the Media Player

    In the media plugin, is there a way to change the player from jplayer to another one. Perhaps such as flow player? Flow player has both html5 and flash. Anyone know if this can be done? If so how?
  9. jordan

    Coupon Codes

    I was surprised to see this was not added in the request section. I am hoping to see some sort of "Coupons Code" be built into the script (And not really as a plugin). What I was hoping was that perhaps The admin can create some coupon codes and apply it to certain premium upgrades. Example...
  10. jordan

    kimsufi good enough?

    Will a Kimsufi dedicatd server be good enough for the first little while of your file host? They seem pretty decent. What are anyones thoughts?