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Getting "config not found" on my website

Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:34 pm


I'm getting this error. I've been checking through the .htaccess files, config files, etc. I'm thinking its an SSL error but I need SSL for my site.

Here's my Config File:

Code: Select all


/* main configuration file for script */
define("_CONFIG_SITE_HOST_URL", "jump.tl:443");  /* site url host without the h$
define("_CONFIG_SITE_FULL_URL", "jump.tl");  /* full site url without the http:$

/* database connection details */
define("_CONFIG_DB_HOST", "XXXXXXX");  /* database host name */
define("_CONFIG_DB_NAME", "XXXXXX");    /* database name */
define("_CONFIG_DB_USER", "XXXXXX");    /* database username */
define("_CONFIG_DB_PASS", "XXXXXXXX");    /* database password */

define("_CONFIG_SCRIPT_VERSION", "3.4.1");    /* script version */

/* show database degug information on fail */
define("_CONFIG_DB_DEBUG", true);    /* this will display debug information whe$

/* toggle demo mode */
define("_CONFIG_DEMO_MODE", false);    /* always leave this as false */

/* which protcol to use, default is http */
define("_CONFIG_SITE_PROTOCOL", "https");

I set the _CONFIG_SITE_HOST_URL to "jump.tl" too but it still doesn't work. I will get a 500 Internal Server Error.

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