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Editing the upgrade.html

Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:13 pm

I just want to add " All payments are not "Recurring Payments" after "See below for the various account and payment options."
I made a modification on upgrade.html (public_html/themes/flow/templates/upgrade.html), but the page does not change.
Anyone could help?
define("PAGE_NAME", $title . ' ' . UCWords(t("account", "account")));
define("PAGE_DESCRIPTION", $title . ' ' . t("upgrade_meta_description", "Your Account"));
define("PAGE_KEYWORDS", strtolower($title) . t("upgrade_meta_keywords", ", account, paid, membership, upload, download, site"));
define("TITLE_DESCRIPTION_LEFT", t("upgrade_title_page_description_left", "See below for the various account and payment options. All Payments options are one-time payments only, not Recurring Payments"));
define("TITLE_DESCRIPTION_RIGHT", t("upgrade_title_page_description_right", ""));
define("CURRENT_PAGE_KEY", "upgrade");
Thank you

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