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Problem with the space

Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:42 am

I have a problem - in my Storage Option's my server have used 390GB. When I go to the /file folder in direct server and du -h i see 792GB space used.. Can you tell me somebody where is the problem? What's eating me more than half the space?

du -h
1,9G ./f1
3,7G ./fc
3,7G ./75
2,4G ./97
3,2G ./a3
1,2G ./21
1,4G ./4e
4,0K ./1c
2,4G ./b2
6,5G ./2b
582M ./9d
3,8G ./cc
4,2G ./7d
701M ./ac
1,8G ./2e
1,9G ./78
2,5G ./ff
2,4G ./d6
1,9G ./50
4,8G ./b5
4,0K ./f5
6,9G ./3c
2,8G ./90
7,7G ./01
5,4G ./e7
4,0G ./e6
13G ./e0
8,6G ./99
2,1G ./0a
1,4G ./0f
1,6G ./93
3,5G ./38
9,1G ./bf
2,7G ./83
700M ./f7
2,1G ./84
1,1G ./a4
733M ./a9
675M ./6d
700M ./c5
3,6G ./b6
5,2G ./68
2,4G ./c2
1001M ./fd
1,2G ./36
2,0G ./13
2,0G ./4d
1,3G ./64
1,7G ./86
1011M ./27
4,0K ./1e
11G ./bb
4,0K ./b4
5,6G ./8f
6,7G ./1d
5,8G ./41
24M ./94
5,9G ./b7
2,1G ./ce
3,4M ./88
1,7G ./1a
11G ./f2
5,1G ./ba
700M ./24
945M ./48
1,7G ./c3
7,0G ./4a
5,0G ./53
4,5G ./51
4,0K ./5f
4,0K ./f6
8,0G ./9b
4,0K ./bc
2,2G ./55
2,4G ./2f
700M ./20
761M ./7e
2,1G ./42
2,5G ./d1
4,2G ./98
700M ./4f
2,1G ./b0
2,7G ./ab
1,4G ./ae
1,8G ./c7
2,0G ./33
10G ./8e
1,4G ./03
2,0G ./f9
4,0K ./69
4,0K ./65
5,7G ./a2
9,0G ./25
695M ./0e
4,8G ./d8
592M ./37
2,4G ./02
1,5G ./8a
790M ./5c
1,2G ./e1
1,6G ./d4
4,2G ./ad
1,5G ./87
606M ./f8
1,7G ./30
4,6G ./00
1,3G ./56
3,9G ./09
601M ./e9
862M ./79
3,4G ./47
2,0G ./67
4,4G ./ed
5,4G ./d5
2,7G ./0b
4,1G ./bd
3,9G ./4c
2,7G ./3b
1,7G ./a6
700M ./43
5,5G ./76
4,0G ./f4
4,1G ./cb
1,2G ./3e
3,9G ./8b
3,7G ./39
1,6G ./de
4,0K ./ec
4,0K ./db
3,7G ./8d
7,9G ./6c
806M ./a0
8,0G ./04
5,0G ./a7
700M ./73
1,4G ./be
446M ./f0
3,0G ./63
1,2G ./28
1,2G ./c0
4,1G ./b3
3,9G ./d3
9,5G ./9f
1,2G ./d7
2,4G ./62
2,2G ./59
13G ./80
581M ./aa
6,5G ./58
2,5G ./16
2,6G ./26
3,0G ./82
1011M ./3d
6,7G ./10
1,7G ./5e
2,1G ./7c
4,8G ./d9
4,9G ./df
688M ./19
333M ./fb
4,2G ./91
2,2G ./34
1,8G ./a5
3,2G ./35
6,9G ./71
1,8G ./46
690M ./29
4,7G ./e2
2,7G ./18
2,0G ./15
24K ./_deleted/1c
365M ./_deleted/b2
1,7G ./_deleted/d6
176K ./_deleted/e6
24K ./_deleted/0a
713M ./_deleted/38
1,2G ./_deleted/bf
3,5G ./_deleted/a4
1,2G ./_deleted/c5
176K ./_deleted/b6
2,3G ./_deleted/c2
1,8G ./_deleted/4d
602M ./_deleted/64
1,7G ./_deleted/48
463M ./_deleted/51
851M ./_deleted/bc
580M ./_deleted/98
36K ./_deleted/d8
479M ./_deleted/37
911M ./_deleted/d4
2,1G ./_deleted/30
873M ./_deleted/56
16K ./_deleted/09
567M ./_deleted/47
1,7G ./_deleted/67
21M ./_deleted/ed
1,8G ./_deleted/d5
1,2G ./_deleted/0b
4,1G ./_deleted/4c
1,7G ./_deleted/f4
1,9G ./_deleted/3e
412M ./_deleted/8b
1,8G ./_deleted/db
176K ./_deleted/8d
4,8G ./_deleted/04
975M ./_deleted/73
1,2G ./_deleted/f0
2,3G ./_deleted/63
1,8G ./_deleted/28
2,3G ./_deleted/62
1,4G ./_deleted/58
1,7G ./_deleted/26
2,1G ./_deleted/d9
582M ./_deleted/df
1016M ./_deleted/19
918M ./_deleted/34
1,9G ./_deleted/71
1,1G ./_deleted/57
1,7G ./_deleted/70
3,5G ./_deleted/96
3,5G ./_deleted/7a
9,9M ./_deleted/1f
16M ./_deleted/6b
4,2G ./_deleted/31
576M ./_deleted/32
600M ./_deleted/dc
613M ./_deleted/ef
24K ./_deleted/72
1000M ./_deleted/3f
1,8G ./_deleted/cd
1,3G ./_deleted/c8
1,1G ./_deleted/ea
2,5G ./_deleted/b9
1,8G ./_deleted/eb
1,7G ./_deleted/0c
85G ./_deleted
4,2G ./a8
5,7G ./e3
340M ./9a
4,0K ./57
5,5G ./44
4,0K ./40
7,5G ./70
3,4G ./96
4,0K ./a1
7,1G ./3a
3,5G ./c1
4,0K ./12
4,9G ./f3
712M ./dd
2,2G ./7a
6,1G ./ee
913M ./2d
1,2G ./1f
2,4G ./e5
2,3G ./da
6,6G ./6f
3,8G ./fe
4,0K ./6b
4,5G ./06
2,9G ./5b
642M ./d0
4,8G ./7f
4,8G ./66
5,0G ./6a
3,2G ./81
5,6G ./e4
3,2G ./45
2,7G ./31
2,9G ./07
2,0G ./32
3,0G ./52
6,3G ./dc
5,4G ./8c
600M ./ef
3,0G ./49
7,3G ./b1
274M ./72
3,2G ./05
3,1G ./3f
697M ./c9
2,5G ./cd
327M ./c8
4,0K ./fa
220M ./ea
2,4G ./ca
5,5G ./11
4,0G ./af
2,0G ./2c
2,8G ./61
3,8G ./2a
2,9G ./b9
1,3G ./9e
1,9G ./08
1,4G ./95
4,0K ./eb
3,4G ./0c
7,4G ./74
2,0G ./0d
6,8G ./89
1,4G ./17
12K ./_tmp
5,6G ./c4
701M ./7b
5,0G ./e8
4,0K ./d2
4,0K ./b8
1,5G ./cf
792G .

Please help me. The place shown in the admin panel is no where to actually hold / files - there are discrepancies of the order of 50GB on my other two servers. Yetishare show wrong used space.

Here it's some screen from ncdu :

and in panel storage options : https://hostmat.eu/images/47401999346633497868.png

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