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API Upload does not work for fileservers

Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:19 pm


Just finished testing all of API functionality and seems like everything works except for uploading files on fileserver.

I have remote direct fileservers and i get an error when uploading. It works fine if i upload it to Local server (Local default).

Here is the error i get (i understand the error says that it is unable to resolve the name but the DNS is fine and i am able to upload / download files from this fileserver normally, this error only shows on the upload API function.)

Code: Select all

   "status": "error",
   "response": "Error uploading file to https://fs1.website.com/core/page/ajax/api_upload_handler.ajax.php: Could not resolve: fs1.website.com (Domain name not found)",
   "_datetime": "2017-03-17 14:18:20"

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