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File types not uploading

Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:29 pm

I'm having a problem where certain file types are not uploading.

Select a file, the upload process goes normally, no error message is shown, a file is created in /files/_tmp but the file is not shown at the end of the upload and no links are generated. All other normal files uploads work - e.g. JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. if you include good & bad file types in the same upload the links for the good files are shown, and nothing for the bad files.

This happens at least with Mac OSX .pkg and .app files, perhaps others but those are the ones I have noticed it on. It doesn't seem to due to the file extension as I can upload a JPG renamed as a PKG and it uploads OK.

This is a clean 4.4 installation & My Blocked Upload File Types & Accepted Upload File Types are both empty and haven't been changed since install.

Any assistance would be great.

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