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Direct Remote Server Successful Upload but doesn't generte link for files bigger than 2GB

Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:40 pm


I have issue with uploading files over 2GB to Direct Remote File Server, it uploads completely without any errors and from file manager I can see the file in users panel but it doesn't generate link after upload and shows this error message :

ERROR: There was a server problem when attempting the upload, please try again later.

but file is uploaded and I can see it in user panel, I have already set limits much higher in PHP ini for file upload size and post max size, also increased maximum php execution time andfastcgi time out more than 300 it has been set to 600 on remote server and main server as well,

files up to 2GB are fine link will be generated but bigger files will shows fail message!

oh and about cloudflare I have tried with cloudflare disabled same issue so I believe it has nothing to do with cloudflare.

any idea what might cause thiis problem?
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