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Issue with File Action queue not deleting files

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:17 pm
by sukhman21

I am having issues with file action where the script wont delete the expired files. I have set it to remove files after 24 hours of them expiring and i have triple checked the cron jobs are setup correctly and even ran the cron manually but still nogo.

The files do go into the _deleted folder so upto that part it works fine but it wont actually delete from the deleted folder after 24 hours.

Second issue: for the thumbnails / video converter images, they all get stored on the main server and when there is a file_action to delete those thumbnails (because the video expired), the path of the video file will be fine and the video goes to _deleted folder in that fileserver (it still wont get deleted after 24 hours) but the thumbnail path would show the path on the fileserver and the fileserver column shows "local default" and it fails to delete it because the path is of a fileserver and no thumbnail exist on fileserver because they are all on the main server.

this used to work fine but ever since i got the fileservers, it does not work anymore.
I did check the config file and all the parameters are setup correctly. the fileservers work fine otherwise, i am able to upload / download / delete files manually except for these 2 issues -- files wont delete after 24 hours and thumbnail path is incorrect.

Any ideas :)