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    How to rewrite in nginx

    Hi, How to rewrite in nginx from the address below: To the address: Thanks
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    ERROR Upload and Download File from the File Server with ssl (https)

    Hi, I have purchased and installed ssl(https) just for the main domain ( The main domain works with ssl without any problems. Now, when I want upload or download any file from the file servers(Remote Direct), it fails. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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    FTP Upload error

    Hi, I installed the FTP plugin and successfully configured the settings. But after upload file by FTP And when I want to transfer files to my account and get a download link, the error follows. Failed to get file, possible ajax issue How to fix this error?
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    How to display .gif in direct.php in the Image Viewer plugins

    Hi, How to fix and display .gif in direct.php in the Image Viewer plugins? Animated images (.gif) are not displayed on the direct link page. On this page: Thanks.
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    Remote Url Upload does not work for large files

    Hi, When I want to transfer large files using Remote Url Upload does not work more than 10 to 15 percent. I even waited 24 hours but failed to upload and does not work. Where is the problem? The maximum size of files that can be transferred is how much? Thanks.
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    Plugin FTP ERROR

    Hi, I install ftp plugin in the admin panel site and install proftpd & proftpd-mysql in server. When I want using ftp method, show the following message. FTP ERROR: Failed connecting to via FTP. Please answer my questions and problems. 1) How to setup and configure the proftpd in...
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    How to fix this WARNING session_write_close() AND ftp_nb_continue()

    Hi, How to fix this WARNING session_write_close() and ftp_nb_continue() =========================================================== 2017-04-27 01:50:25 - *** WARNING *** Array ( [Error Msg] => ftp_nb_continue(): Opening BINARY mode data connection for files/ [File] =>...
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    Failed connecting to server to remove files.

    Hi, I can upload any files and manage the all files but when i want remove any file in site admin panel then following message is displayed! Failed connecting to server to remove files. How can I fix this problem. Thanks.
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    How To Add New Package Type

    Hi, I am a new add Package as (Direct Link). Now how to change package type as Paid to Direct Link OR add new package type as Direct Link ? Please look at the following image: Thanks.
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    Error: Could not upload to direct file server

    Hi, 1) I added a new file server of type direct file server. 2) Upload all file and folder main site to the direct file server. 3) Test and check direct file server in panel admin. Test it is visible in the image below. 4) Now upload any file then error upload file. Test it is visible in the...
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    Folder Upload

    Hi, Please add new features Folder Upload. Like uploading files, users can also upload folders Best Regards.
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    Iranian Payment plugin

    Hi Adam, Many customers visit my site from Iran. I need a payment plugin a system called "zarinpal of iran". Please design provide an online payment system for the Thanks.
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    Create direct link without expire date and time

    Hello, Please add a new feature to the next release script to download files directly for specific user. if any user purchased special account, then can create direct link without expire date and time for any files and put on the any site and any users(Guest Users) can download file directly...
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    popup upload not work in chrome!

    Hi, I updated Chrome browser to the latest Version 53.0.2785.116 m Now Yetishare 4.3 not work for upload file. popup upload in the index.html to the latest version chrome not work. How do I fix this bug? Thanks
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    How to create Direct Link?

    Hi, How to create direct link? How do I config my site so that users can get files with direct links without visiting the site I downloaded. Thanks.