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    Yetishare Themes 40% Discount

    Hi All First of all Happy New Year 2019! To start this year we have added a 40% discount for all our products till 3nd January. Please use this coupon to apply the discount newyear2019 *Terms and conditions apply. Many thanks
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    Looking someone to create minimal theme

    Hi PM me I have several years experience on creating yetishare themes. I'm sure we can help you. Many thanks
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    Cloud Yetishare Template

    You've send this site to a user in here , trying to sell the design
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    Cloud Yetishare Template

    @adam Can you please ban this guy He was trying to sell my themes on other users here also I've seen he is getting the themes from other websites Here are two of my themes one Pro that is a reseller and Eifel that is a custom one.
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    Custom download page

    Hi , I can do that PM me please with the details of what kind of changes you want Many thanks
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    Hi Guys If anyone is interested I can build this for you but not Multiple Resolution feature , that would need the video converter plugin to convert the video in few different resolutions/sizes . Please PM if anyone is interested Many thanks
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    New Modern Yetishare Theme Design

    I can assure you're totally wrong . I do reply to all my client emails and search files and report abuse they work as good as they work on original theme. Also for responsiveness I have no doubts that there is no issues whatsoever. i would be more than happy that you can send me some proofs of...
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    Yetishare Pro Theme Updated for V4.5.1

    I'll there seems not to be any significant changes
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    Yetishare Pro Theme Updated for V4.5.1

    PM me and I'll provide you with a demo Best Regards
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    Yetishare Pro Theme Updated for V4.5.1

    Hello I've update Pro Yetishare Theme to support latest version . In the same time I've reduced the price by 50% for limited time . Anyone interested can buy it from the link below . Many thanks
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    Possibility to upload again after upload

    Contact me , I can do it Regards
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    Black Friday 40% Discount

    Hello all Starting from now for 24h we are having amazing discount for blackfriday Don't miss this chance to wear your website with a professional design Please use this coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY Best Regards
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    Minimal Yetishare Theme .

    Hello I've finished a new design for Yetishare , compatible with the latest version . You can see the demo at Contact me for more information at [email protected] Regards
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    Buying Theme

    Hello Contact me I have few Regards